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Showcase | Fellowship | Inspire

Training & Benefits

Is there training or an introduction session for YLR Ambassadors to complete?

Yes! New Ambassador training takes place via conference calls throughout the year.  We encourage you to begin serving as an Ambassador as soon as possible, even if it’s prior to participating in an orientation.  On these calls,  you’ll be welcomed by YLR staff and other YLR Ambassadors.  YLR Ambassadors are key to the success of Yes Lord Radio.  Usually, a monthly one hour conference call is held on the 3rd Monday of the month.  The monthly conference calls are to how we work together and how we hear what listeners across the globe are wanting from their Yes Lord Radio.  YLR Ambassadors are the eyes and ears of the station.



 What are the benefits of being a YLR Ambassador?

While we would love to pay everyone, that task would literally take us off the air.  The way we are able to reach so many listeners and do so much with so very little is due to volunteer support and donations.  But, there are many benefits to being a YLR AMbassador.  Besides the pure satisfaction of knowing you are ‘repping’ the KINGdom, YLR Ambassadors may also receive the following:

  • Behind the scenes access to events, such as Gospel recordings and award shows;
  • YLR Media Badge (which can get you access to special seating at events);
  • Your name and picture on the YLR website Ambassador page seen worldwide;
  • Get up-to-date Gospel Music news and information before others do;
  • Meet some of your favorite Gospel artists, preachers, and Christian leaders;
  • Downloads of free music and promotional items from time to time


Lead Ambassadors

  • Ann Cranford
    Hospitality Coordinator
  • Chandra Wise
    Show Host
  • China Dodley
    Digital Data Strategist
  • Connie Birth
    Quartet Rep
  • Determined AB
    HYPE Channel Prog. Mgr.
  • Elder Young
  • Hattie Maye
    Comedy Coordinator
  • Malcom McDonald
    YLR Cares Coordinator
  • Rodrick Warren
  • Ron Briggs
    Hits / Gold Program Mgr.
  • Tonya Osborne
    YLR Magazine Editor
  • Tracy Parker
    Special Events Decorator
  • Trina Pullum
    Inspire Coordinator


  • Alexis Lenae Cathie
  • Aretha Coakley
  • Brandi Dodley
  • Brandy Moore
  • Bryan Smith
  • Carlis Oden
  • Carol Diggs
  • Catherine Ellis
  • Corey Walker
  • Courtney Simmons
  • Curtis Eubanks
  • Dawn Griffith
  • Dawn Kelly
  • Derek Davis
  • Frederick Dukes Jr.
  • Fredrick Davis
  • Gregory Morris
  • Herman Taylor
  • Jakiya Thacker
  • James Sampson
  • Jamesa Smith
  • Jamie Hendrick
  • Javier Prater
  • Jeffrey Burnside
  • Justin Shaw
  • Kayla Songstress
  • Kenya Forrest
  • Kevin Robinson
  • Kimberly Williams
  • Kyla Jade
  • Kyra Kennedy
  • LaMeshia Conley
  • Lataska Nelson
  • Latia Davis
  • LD Swett
  • Linda Johnson
  • Mark Ant
  • Marva Williams
  • Mike E
  • Nicole Lofton
  • Nikki Gamble
  • Pamela Adams
  • Parnell Chapman
  • Patrick Kapela
  • Raymond Cathline
  • Reitta Riley-Bailey
  • Rewa Cawthon
  • Rick Skelton
  • Ricky Burchell
  • Ronald Ssuna
  • Shante Young
  • Shantella Cohen
  • Sharese Chapman
  • Shay Cox
  • Shonta Price
  • Sonya Barner
  • Stephen Black
  • Tammy Taylor
  • Teccorra Bracy
  • Tecia Morton
  • Tiffani Talley
  • Tony Varnell
  • Traci Bond
  • Tracy Walden
  • Tresea Donelson
  • Yolanda Johnson
  • Yvette Jones
  • Yvette Walker
  • Zanettta Wingfield