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A Conversation About Sex & Abstinence
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Roz reviews “It’s Okay To Wait” by Alonda Thomas and talks about her own views on the subject of parents talking to their kids about sex and abstinence.

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talk to teens about sexHey guys, its your girl Roz and I’m back to share with you this exclusive Roz Review
I recently read “its okay to wait” a father/daughter conversation by Alonda Thomas who offers a good way for dad to start the conversation about sex with his daughter. The book itself has some really great messages for young girls who are dealing with the pressure of having sex before they are married– from the unique male perspective. Parents– I give it a thumbs up for rehashing the awkward conversation about premarital sex — by telling young girls why they should wait for Mr. Right who’s actually gonna put a ring on it—and how to watch out for Mr. Wrong –who’s trying to make your daughter the flavor of the month.

We live in a world now that for the first time we have parents in their thirties who are becoming grandparents—for those of you that are still thinking about this—that’s when one teen pregnancy leads to another teen pregnancy—That could potentially mean that by the time a female is “grandmother age” I’d say around 6—she could actually be a great-great grandmother–there’s something wrong with this picture—so let’s get to the root of this issue-

1st- it’s not just the topic of sex but its’ the talking part—Parents used to ask me all the time when is the best time to talk to my child-to discipline my child—–I say from the womb—sounds a little extreme- maybe—but how can you train up a child in the way that they should go if you wait until their 10 to do it??? How do you have a conversation with your children about sex when you don’t have time to talk about the latest happenings on Sesame Street- My point is, if you don’t talk to your children from the womb-then the harder it is for kids to talk to you when the big stuff comes up.

How do you talk to your kids—

1. Take an interest in who they are at an early age-don’t just put them in a bunch of sports but really get to know them—

2. Listen to them-when kids are between the ages of 2-6 they will want to tell you any and everything—this is a great window of opportunity not to lose your child to the dark side

3. Teach them from the bible- Train them to fear the Lord and follow his commandments-but in order to do that you gotta practice what you preach; no longer are the days of do as I say, not as I do!! Your kids are watching you-

4. Don’t provoke your children-that’s bible too!!! You can’t expect them to go in the right direction or to listen to your advice if they are being agitated by you.
That’s the Roz Review and More- to learn more about It’s okay to Wait-check out this website!

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