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Celebration of Love: Gerald & Tammi Haddon

Gerald and Tammi Haddon are celebrating 13 years of marriage this Thursday May 3rd.  And what better way to celebrate their love than with a free concert for the public!! Yes, a free concert this Sunday, May 6th at City of Refuge Church at 7pm PST.
The Love & Lyrics concert will be hosted by Goo Goo Atkins (breakout reality star of WE Tv’s Mary Mary), and recording artist Major Johnson Finley.  The concert will feature performances by Isaac Carree, Myesha Chaney, Deon Kipping, Jason McGee, along with a special performance by Tammi and Gerald Haddon.
Together Gerald and Tammi are one of the most sought after writing teams there is in the industry.  Their latest work includes that of Isaac Carree and his hit single “In The Middle,” and they were just nominated for a Grammy for Mary Mary’s song “Sitting With Me”.  Individually they are just as incredible.
Tammi Haddon, who is a writer and a singer, who has been working professionally with Gerald for 15 years, and being married for 13 years, has written for artists such as Crystal Aiken and Deitrick Haddon.  She also has her debut project releasing soon, and a song on iTunes entitled “Beautiful.”
Gerald Haddon is a musician, producer, songwriter, father and husband.  He has played for a wide range of artists from John P. Kee, The Winans, Aaliyah, Donnie McClurkin, Vannessa Bell Armstrong, Deitrick Haddon, and Nelly.  As far as producing, he has worked with artists such as Dave Hollister, Patti LaBelle, Donnie McClurkin, City of Refuge, and Tammi Haddon (who is the best artist he has produced).  As you can see the list is long, and still goes on.  He also has new music soon to be released.
After many years of working together and marriage, the Haddon’s decided to share the love they have for one another with their family, friends, and church family in the form of a free concert.  Definitely a step out of the norm, Love & Lyrics will undoubtedly be a concert not to miss.
Love & Lyrics is a celebration of what is within the Haddon’s marriage, not only are they a couple, but they are fortunate enough to be business partners, and successful at what they do respectively.   Together they will share that aspect.  That is what the concert is about.  The meaning behind Love & Lyrics; is for one they are definitely a couple much in love, and lyrics because of what they do professionally.  They are professional producers and songwriters.  That is how they make their living. This is their day job.
The Haddon’s are a couple that walks together in life, in ministry, and in purpose.  No matter what they do, it is a walk taken together.  So, in bridging the two together, they decided to share their natural side –LOVE and their work side – LYRIC, and do a concert.
Let’s all first congratulate Gerald and Tammi Haddon on 13 years of marriage, and many more to come, as well as continuing to support them in their music ministry together and individually respectively.

Concert Information: (Open And Free To The Public)
Date:  Sunday May 6th, 2012
Time:  7pm PST
Location:  City of Refuge Church
               14527 S. San Pedro St.
               Gardena, CA 90248

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