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Gospel Group Soul Tempo shares their Common Thread
Posted by: YLR Gospel News

SONY DSCFor the Gospel group Soul Tempo, the common thread that connects them is the element of Soul.  No matter where they go or what they sing, every note and lyric comes from their heart and soul.

Their music has been impactful because they pull from experiences throughout life. No matter how different their individual lives may be, their common thread always keeps them in sync as a group.

As songwriters, group members Jeremiah Brunson, Anthony Burnette, Phillip Mitchell and Kevin Mitchell try to combine real life stories with God’s word when they birth new music.

Soul Tempo’s current project Trust In God is the product of their common thread interwoven with God’s favor and wisdom.

The group’s first single “Trust In God” set the stage for fans to receive more of their soulful God inspired music.

“Almost Home”, Soul Tempo’s second single also carries the common thread that holds the group together and encourages listeners.

For the group, “Almost Home” is a very special song because of how it was birthed and the impact it made on their individual lives.

One of the most exciting moments during the development of “Almost Home” happened when Soul Tempo first heard the music track. The group described the experience as, “An overwhelming since of emotion that went through us like a bolt of lightning and during our writing session our pens started to flow like a river.”

The song is inspired by their personal experiences with losing loved ones and the testimony of God keeping them emotionally and spiritually.

Music from the soul, inspired by God is what keeps the heart Soul Tempo beating!



Check out Soul Temp on Sunday, February 17th as they sing and worship with Bishop Bernard Jordan in Elmhurst, NY, 201 Ditmar Blvd East.

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