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Indie Artist Highlight: Marc Danyell

Marcus Daniell Jackson, better known as Marc Danyell, is a singer trying to make his mark in the gospel industry with his first debut album,Close To You.   Hailing from Hammond, LA, Marc is the son of the late Elder James E. Jackson, who was a local COGIC pastor,  and Phoebe Jackson.  He is also the youngest of seven children (6 boys and 1 girl).  Upon his graduation in 2002 as his class Valedictorian, he was also a member of both his football and Track & Field teams.

Having been accepted to a few prestigious universities (Yale, Dartmouth, and Notre Dame) Marc chose to attend Notre Dame, citing their “rich faith based environment” as a reasoning to attend this particular institution of higher education.  Marc was soon involved in many organizations on campus, most notably the University of Gospel Voices, in which his leadership skills were shown very early on.  When he was only a sophomore he was named Vice President of the Gospel Voices and soon after that he was named President.  Marc successfully organized two US tours (throughout the Midwest and South regions).   He was also lead vocalist during his four (4) years at Notre Dame.  After his time at Notre Dame, Marc then went to work with Johnson & Johnson; while working there he continued to pursue and work on his craft.

2009 marked the beginning of a change for Marc, where he started to come into his own, and found his voice with the help of Ankh Ra Amenhetep (fromMTV’s Making the Band 4).  Through the mentorship of Ankh Ra, Marc was able to fully trust in his talent, and he submerged himself in what has now become an exceptionally strong spiritual life.

Throughout this time, he was embarking on the journey of becoming Marc Danyell. Marc, which means “warrior”, and Danyell which is Hebrew and means “God is my judge.”  This transformation serves as the foundation for his ministry, which he has built on spiritual boldness and the submission to God’s will. That also meant, that he would fully embrace the name Danyell (phonetically spelled as Daniell; which is also his middle name), and made this commitment not only to himself, his music, but ultimately to God.
In 2010, Danyell started working on his first solo album. He also was the sole lyricist for his project — a huge feat for any first time writer.  April 12, 2011 was when Close To You was released, Danyell quoted 1 Timothy 4:16 as the scripture that was the driving force behind his album:

“Watch your life and doctrine closely. Persevere in them, because if you do, you will save both yourself and your hearers.”  

Marc is currently setting up his 2012 ‘Close To You’ US Tour.

Please join me in supporting my brother in Christ, and an outstanding young man, as he shares with us his voice and song.  Also, let’s join him on his journey to committing and submitting to God’s will.  Let us take heed to the scripture, and stand firmly in our Faith, and behind our God; so that we not only help ourselves, but to save others as we embark on our own journey closer to God.

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