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Interview: Terrell Taylor – Part 1

In this interview Terrell speaks on who some of his musical influences where, how and when he got his start singing.  Also, who were his favorite artists to perform with and who he would love to work with the most.

Growing up in a family of musicians, who were some of your musical influences?

Terrell Taylor:  Some of my biggest influences as a child were Andre Crouch, The Hawkins Family; really those two and of course The Winans, Commissioned, and Fred Hammond.  There were some great influences on me through my teen years.

How did you first start playing instruments? Was it more because of your family, or something you found on your own?

Taylor:  Little of both, my dad plays a little piano, my brother is a drummer, coming up I gravitated towards that.  At the age of 5, I started playing piano, and I got serious with my music around 10 years old.

When did you first start singing?

Taylor: I took up singing a little later.  My dad used to preach around, and we had a song called, “Faith, Faith, Faith (Just A Bit of Faith)”, as a family we used to sing that before my dad preached. I was young around 6 or 7.  Wasn’t until I was 17, I put out my cassette tape, that’s when I really started singing, cause I had been playing for several years before.

My parents never pushed me into that (playing), it was just God given self-motivation, wanting to learn music.  Morris Chapman (renowned worship leader), prayed for me when I was 14, and then I started writing and putting my lyrics together.

Having performed with some of the best in gospel, how has those experiences shaped your music?

Taylor: When you’re in those moments with those caliber people, it just brings out the best. It inspires you to continue to grow.  But, one mistake that artists make is comparing themselves to others. When God has given you your unique gift, then when you are in company of these people of great influence, learn from them, but at the same time know that God has uniquely blessed each individual to offer whatever it is he’s given them.   It’s real inspiring to be on the same stage as them.

Who was your favorite person to perform with, and who would you most like to perform with?

Taylor: Israel Houghton and Aaron Lindsey. Same heart and minds all creating music to uplift the name of Jesus. The Hawkins Family when I was younger and also Donnie McClurkin.  I would love to work with either J. Moss or Deitrick Haddon. If I just had to choose it would be J. Moss.


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