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Prophetic minister reveals the advantage of living in tune with God’s voice
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Michelle McClain Prophetic MinisterLake Mary, FL— Have you ever experienced that proverbial “something told me to . . . ” or “Something told me not to go down that street,” and later find out the worst accident in the city’s history occurred that day? That “something,” that unknown voice that leads us out of trouble and into a place of goodness, is the voice of the Lord, says Michelle McClain, spiritual daughter to Apostle John Eckhardt. Writing in the same powerful, assertive style of Eckhardt, McClain presents a thorough look at the role of the prophetic in today’s world in her new book, The Prophetic Advantage.

This book helps the reader to understand the power of prophecy, what God is doing in this current age, and clearly outlines the function and focus that prophets should exhibit.

“We are the Lord’s sheep, and we hear His voice,” says McClain. “He leads us and guides us by His voice. This could be a still small voice, or it can be the word of prophecy. We need to hear His voice today, and we do this through the prophetic gifting ministered to us by prophets or prophetic believers or an impartation from the Lord Himself. We need to be tuned in to what the Lord is speaking today. We need to know what He is saying to us in the present season.”

For those who have never experienced a prophetic word or are skeptical, McClain dispels the misconceptions concerning hearing God, prophetic ministry and the roles of prophets.


“The Prophetic Advantage is a book about the strength and power of the prophetic ministry,” writes McClain. “This book will challenge you to rise up in strength, sharpen your prophetic edge, and release what God has given you, bringing change to your generation. It is designed to teach you how to discern the voice of God and respond appropriately using the revealed truth for your advantage in fulfilling your destiny. Being able to hear and discern the voice of the Lord is a process that comes in time. “

About the Author

Michelle McClain has traveled to more than forty nations and has conducted schools of the prophet that have activated thousands in the art of hearing the voice of God. Michelle currently serves as director of prayer ministry on the staff of Crusaders Church under the leadership of Apostle John Eckhardt. She is also one of the house prophets and apostolic team leaders at Crusaders Church. She resides in the city of Chicago along with her beautiful daughter, Eboni.

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