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Shameless Star Considers Surrogacy for Daughter
Posted by: YLR Gospel News

Vanessa Bell Calloway (second from left) and the rest of the Calloway Family at goddaughter’s college graduation. (Photo Credit: Dominique McCraney)

Los Angeles, CA – February 20, 2013 – A quick Google search for the phrase “Mothers As Surrogates For Daughters” reveals a growing global trend depicted by actress Vanessa Bell Calloway in the current story arc on “Shameless” (Showtime), where her character Carol attempts to conceive and carry a child for her daughter Veronica (Shanola Hampton).

In true “Shameless” fashion, the multi-episode storyline began Sunday with an outrageous scene where Calloway, Hampton and her on screen husband played by Steve Howey attempted to perform in-vetrofertilization at home using a turkey baster!  While the critically acclaimed series played the real life issue for laughs, Calloway says surrogacy is an option if necessary.

“If my body and health allowed me to do it, I certainly would be a surrogate for either of my daughters if they could not conceive children,” said Calloway.  “To be a part of my grandchild’s conception personally conveys the endless boundaries of motherly love that I feel towards my daughters.”

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