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Top-Selling Business Coach Releases POWER TO CREATE
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Tulsa, OK – Business coach and national speaker Tim Redmond has spent over 25 years growing multi-billion dollar businesses and training leaders to be the absolute best they can be.  Now, he has taken his intense study of success mindsets, strategies and practices and has realized they align perfectly with scripture.  Redmond has compiled this knowledge and penned the exceptional work POWER TO CREATE: The Ultimate Guide to Eliminate Scarcity and Produce Massive Results for Yourself and Others (Harrison House, 2012), to help readers discover their God-given path to personal purpose, passion and meaning in life.

Redmond believes that God has given each of us an immensely powerful, yet commonly misunderstood and undervalued gift.  As a result, many Christians are living far below their design and destiny, and are largely unproductive; and are failing to impact and influence their families, their communities and their world to the degree they desire.

Redmond offers readers a fresh, innovative, Biblically-based approach to unlock a greater purpose, strengthen relationships and increase generosity.

POWER TO CREATE designed to clarify, awaken and unleash your God-given gift and purpose, regardless of your calling or occupation,” explains Redmond.  “So many believers are living without peace and joy.  When the subject of finances, generosity and wealthy is brought up, so many respond with anxiety and resistance.  Why is that?  God has personally equipped each one of us with a specific, life-giving powerful gift.  When you are able to tap into the wisdom of Scripture and understand your purpose, your life will change, as will the lives of the people around you.”

POWER TO CREATE will help you:

·       Find your unique purpose and powerfully live it.

·       Bring clarity, power and balance to the creative gift God has given you to transform your world.

·       Instill greater confidence, strengthen relationships, and increase your giving and finances.

·       Approach your problems with energy, creativity and skill even in the harshest of environments.

·       Break free from the two key paralyzing lies of scarcity.

·       Transform your work into a place of worship that promotes intimacy with God.

·       And many more life-changing concepts, strategies and habits that will help you fulfill your God-given assignment.

Redmond grew a leading high-tech company from 2 employees to over 450, generating $120 million in pre-tax profits.  He oversaw sales, marketing, support, customer service, quality assurance, strategic planning, recruiting and hiring.  After the sale of the business to a Fortune 1000 company, Tim founded the Redmond Growth Initiatives to train, consult and coach business, church, education and government leaders.  Now, he has taken this knowledge and experience and has created a dynamic brand, focusing on helping others discover their potential.

Critics agree:

“POWER TO CREATE is indispensable reading for anyone who wants to understand their own potential for achieving greatness and to live life above the norm. –Dr. Myles Munroe, Global Leadership Summit

“I believe this book should be the textbook for anyone wanting to start a business, struggling with a business or wanting their business to grow.” –George Reece, Managing Partner, Murray Franklyn Companies

POWER TO CREATE: The Ultimate Guide to Eliminate Scarcity and Produce Massive Results for Yourself and Others by Tim Redmond.  Published by Harrison House, in stores everywhere.

About Tim Redmond:
Using over 25 years of experience in growing multi-million dollar organizations, coaching leaders, and intensely studying leadership, business, and the purpose/work relationship, Tim brings powerful, positive change to individuals and organizations through his innovative, insightful and entertaining training approach. He earned his CPA while working at PriceWaterhouseCoopers before joining Tax and Accounting Software Corporation and Intuit, where he served for over 15 years.

A gifted author and speaker, Tim has published a multi-media curriculum, numerous books and training programs designed to strengthen and expand the leadership and wealth creation capacities of leaders and teams worldwide.

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