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Scottie Moore shared:
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I love words, but more importantly I love The Word. Being able to offset my college instruction time with writing is great fun for me. I find poetry, acrostics, homophones, and dictionaries are intriguing. Combining my father’s love for gospel music and my mother’s background as an English teacher are two of the key factors that have contributed to my style of writing.
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by T.L.Leigh
Ok so I know it has been an extremely long time since I’ve posted but I had to get this one out before the clock strikes midnight 2017 and even though I know it probably won’t post til 201 [...]
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by Scottie Moore
Acts – to take action or do something Ax – to end or cancel Some acts are important. I must show acts of kindness. I must show acts of repentance. I must show acts of earnestness. How I ac [...]
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by Lynn McCleveland
Have you ever tried to make a puzzle piece fit where it doesn’t belong? Everything about that puzzle piece looks like it should go in that opening, it may even slid into the other puzzle piece [...]
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by Crystal Green
BE A-Ware Today! Someone is going to say something you don’t like. Someone is going to try to discourage you. Someone is going to try to make you forget your position in God. Don’t be surprised wh [...]
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