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Timothy Bond shared:
"Change Your Entire Life in 30 Days!"

I know what you’re thinking: “Can you really change your entire life in 30 days?” The answer is an amazing and astounding Yes. There are 3 specific areas in which I will challenge you. If you give this challenge 30 days, it will place you on a path of complete and total change.

These 3 areas can all be executed in the same 30 days. It will require sacrifice and discipline, but it is just as sure to provide the same results for you as it is providing for me. Why? because these are not suggested thoughts but the Laws of Nature. This 30 day challenge will start you on the path to “Change your entire life.”

***Before I give you the 3 areas, you must make this commitment NOW! to start immediately. If you can’t make this commitment, read it and print this blog and tape it to your door until you are ready because FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION. Also, I’m going to highlight the important points.

Challenge 1: 30 days with no television

On March 28th I was presented with a challenge that I know came straight from God Himself.

“Tim, would you be willing to give up television for 30 days?” Now let me tell you a little about myself: I LOVE(D) to watch television; and when I discovered Netflix!!… Well, it would be embarrassing to tell you how many hours I invested in watching entire SEASONS of television shows.

So you’ll understand that this challenge had a profound affect on psyche. I pondered that challenge for a couple of days. I knew it was something I really needed to do, because I was becoming more and more lost. I didn’t know what my purpose in life was and the tunnel was getting darker and darker.

On April 1, I committed. 30 days. I would be missing 4 episodes of “The Game” and an entire month of my favorite Friday-night-wind-down of the wonderfully boring “How It’s Made.” Oh, this was going to hurt.  What ever would I do?

Challenge 2: Pursue Purpose:

With no television, I had time to seek God for my purpose. My search for purpose consisted of 4 areas.

First prayer: In all thy ways acknowledge him and he shall direct thy path” (Proverbs 3:6).

Second: Self-analysis. I went over my life– the good, the bad, and the ugly. I took a pen and wrote all of my thoughts. I went over my goals, my desires, and my “Chief Definite Aim” (google it). I WROTE EVERYTHING (much to my wife’s chagrin). Papers littered my bedside and my dressers. I also wrote my To-do lists and saw an exponential, immediate change in my productivity (which builds your self-confidence like you won’t believe).

Thirdly, I read books. I read two books in particular that changed my entire perspective and directed me to more books that keep me fueled to move forward. Those books being Eat that Frog by Brian Tracy and Success by Glenn Bland. (Get them, you’ll thank me later.) With no television, I had time not only to read, but to focus on executing what I read. George Bernard Shaw wrote, “If you teach a man something, He’ll never learn it.”  Why, because learning is only achieved through action. When I began to execute, my roots began to dig deep.

The fourth component was to change what I fed my mind. I put away the rhythmic tunes of music radio and listened to the lectures of Napoleon Hill and sermons of Bishop Jerry L. Maynard. I force-fed my subconscious the nutrients it needed to grow. Amazingly, the voice of Napoleon Hill has become like music to my ears. In fact, as I write this blog, I hear his voice speaking.

“The subconscious will believe anything you feed it. It doesn’t know right from wrong” -Napoleon Hill. Try feeding it the words of success and empowerment and see if you don’t begin to feel as though you can conquer the world. “For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he” (Proverbs 23:7)

Challenge 3: Physical fitness. Do you know how connected physical fitness is to a successful life. Brian Tracy wrote in Eat that Frog that we should have healthy addictions to endorphins produced by working out. These endorphins have the same effect as opiates and produce a feeling of well-being, confidence, and clarity. How awesome would you be if you were high on a God-given, natural drug that gives you clarity, focus, confidence, a feeling of well-being, and excitement? Well, call me Pookie from New Jack City because I’m a junkie!

The Benefits:

With 30 days of fasting from the distraction of television (wasting time watching other people succeed), seeking God for purpose and exercising, I have been more productive, more confident, more focused and clear about my future than I have EVER been. Also, with little to no effort, the people and resources that I need to move me and my company ahead are drawn to me like a magnet pulling a paperclip. My time is well spent doing things that keep me moving forward to success, and I can rest peacefully (no matter how late I get to bed, as it is 1:00 a.m. now) knowing that I have maximized my every moment, whether in work or play.

Take the challenge!
For more about changing your life get my book Fall in Love with the Struggle on e-book for  ( or the hard copy on

Inspire, Empower, Produce!

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Timothy Bond is the author of two books Fall In Love with the Struggle: Making the Best of Life's Worst, and Charge the Walls. He is also the CEO of True Vine Publishing Company, a full service publishing company committed to helping self-published authors produce quality books at the most affordable and profitable means. You can buy Timothy's ebook @ and learn more about True Vine Publishing Company at
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