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Scottie Moore shared:

Christ Has Arranged New Growth Everyday

A wise person once said, “Insanity is doing things the way you have always done them and expecting things to change.” This is crazy. Our American culture has come up with many euphemisms to indirectly point the finger at crazy. Things like, “ He is a few quarters short of a dollar.” Or, “She is a few slices short of a pizza.” One of the most profound catapults to change is remembering that we cannot do things as we have always done them. To get to that next level, one needs to push through. One needs to hang on. One needs to be bold. And most importantly, we must put our trust in the hands of an almighty God. It is crazy not to change when you just might be:

  • a few tests short of a testimony
  • a few scriptures short of a message
  • a few prayers short of a breakthrough
  • a few tears short of a cleansing
  • a few sermons short of an understanding
  • a few connections short of a relationship
  • a few hymns short of a hallelujah
  • a few releases short of peace
  • a few communions short of a remembrance
  • a few confessions short of eternal life
  • a few repentings short of a change

Most of us have reached that point where a certain aspect of our life needs a complete overhaul. Setting your sights on making that change can have a daunting effect. For example, our intentions are to save for retirement on a regular basis. Maybe, the alarm is set for that new early morning workout.  Or, we plan to be faithful in our daily prayer and meditation time.  But alas, we don’t reach the desired goals as we thought we would. Change is hard work. Having a support while going through the change process strengthens one’s resolve during the journey. The change guided by Christ will create the best transformation. When the naysayers come along (whether they be outside or inside your head), remember the greatest advocate to your change is as close as a whispered prayer.

Let the Christ within you be the driving force for change.

Matthew 18:3
And he said: “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.
–New International Version

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I love words, but more importantly I love The Word. Being able to offset my college instruction time with writing is great fun for me. I find poetry, acrostics, homophones, and dictionaries are intriguing. Combining my father’s love for gospel music and my mother’s background as an English teacher are two of the key factors that have contributed to my style of writing.
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