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Denise Isaac shared:
"Do Not Roam…It Costs"


I know you may have wondered to yourself, what’s next? Well, I have a real good one for you. I thought that I would let you in on some concerns that are going on in the Body of Christ, just in case you were not up to date on the info. Rumor has it that the people of God are getting wearier than the people of the world due to the “Economic Upheavals“. The stress level is so high that the people doubt the very God who saved, provided, comforted, healed and delivered on yesterday but on today, right now, they have lost their connection with Him. He remains to be the Wonderful Counselor, Jehovah Jireh our Provider, Comforter, Savior, and El Shadai, the “all” Sufficient one and the God of more than enough. So many people are using the cell phones to get their message across, regardless of what it is, but as soon as they travel to a place not familiar to their local service, it costs them for the roaming.

It is time to know and to do what is needed to survive, stay connected and avoid roaming to prevent extra charges from being added to your situation and life. To roam away or leave from your local church service is insane, at a time such as this. If you are in a place of ministering the truth (noncompromising messages), you have the ability to operate in your gifts in an orderly and permitted format, and you are seeing growth, fruits of the spirit, agape, the power of God, accompanied with the anointing flowing, an apostolic/prophetic release/paradigm and you know that your life has been transformed and the peace of God dwells there, then I would seriously advise you to go back to your local service to prevent charges that you will not be able to afford, causing your situation to worsen. Things are so high and it is a real cost for our disobedience and staying away from the place that the Lord has called us to serve (roaming).


There is so much talking but not much walking, whether it be for a demonstration of a lifestyle to exhibit Christ neither to show the strength of endurance and stamina to maintain a healthy approach. We must endure hardness as a good soldier and fight the good fight of faith. We must pick up our cross and “follow” Him” daily, regardless of who does not like it nor understand it. Your prosperity, destiny and success depend upon your decision to stay connected with the right service and the right plan (the truth of God’s word) that is profitable for your own spiritual needs and requirements for your growth. You’re staying with the right service and in the right position that you were called, helps you to help others stay connected as well. When you allow the lines to drop, then all others that are connected to that line will drop as well. Do not be a stumbling block to anyone especially the unbelievers and the immature. Sometimes a person cannot help the roaming charges for they are not intentionally going to a place that they were not called to go or serve (travel); but if the service of their local service is not available, they will definitely be charged. This is so ironic and revelatory; for if we leave intentionally and go to a place that we were not called to serve, it will cost us later. People are not stable or steady enough to hear the voice of the Lord to know what it is that He wants them to do.

We go to places because of friends, families, culture, leisure, comfortable measures and the likes and later to learn that it has cost you your time, purpose, heartaches, and turmoil. We would have stayed in place had we known the consequences of our actions and wanting to do things our way. Again, some places the Lord did not send us there, we went there and when things finally surfaced, we are not able to deal with it and we immediately disconnected the service. Some services will have to be disconnected from, depending on the plan offered. I am not talking about wanting to have your way and angry and abruptly disconnect. We waste time for years trying to find Him and to let Him be what He should be to us, but we were not successful in doing so, nor had the patience to stay or the courage to go when needed and to see what it was that He was saying to us all the time.  Roaming is for you to travel without a fixed purpose or direction. A lot of times people do not know or realize, what the charges are for entering an area with their cells; as well as for communicating outside of the right connection. The same is true, that a lot people do not know that they are being charged spiritually for being out of their designated place. The GPS will find you and is what it is used for, for each situation or device that it is connected to. The cell’s GPS (Global Positioning System) will locate you if needed and the same for God’s GPS (God’s Provision Sure) for the saints, which should be enough to keep us from roaming and staying in position. People as a whole, have gotten too distrustful of God and others and have allowed their situations, opinions and circumstances to get the best of them. They forget even the very place of divine connection and truth (communication), while forgetting their GPS is always available for them, no matter what.

There’s a global mandate for us to do as He has called us to do daily and to let Him be who He is to us, through us and for us. The SIM card can be changed to any phone as long as it is the same place of contact (service). It is good to change if you are upgrading but to change and downgrade is a lack of discernment or purpose. You can also change and yet have the same benefits offered before and more. You will be able to stay in contact with “all” of your previous connections, great or small, but the Lord wants the Saints to Impact Masses (SIM)on a global level. In order to impact the masses, we must stay in a place of progression and divine connection for our lives holistically, to receive the message given for the season. Once the message is released, the responsibility is no longer the sender’s but yours and there must be the connection first, as I previously stated. The connection is a must. If you have a connection where you are then you must remain in that place to hear the whole conversation being spoken or the message until completion. Some places or areas will cause your message to be misunderstood, not clear and to drop, if the place is not your local service or true connection. That is also in the spirit realm, when the message falls on deaf ears and it causes us to roam to other places unfamiliar to us but comfortable to us and it causes us in the long run, when we allow that to happen. You will know when you feel right at home.


When we start connecting to a service in another location that is different from your home or true place of connection (roaming), you will see the drop immediately. It will either come in your peace of mind, finances, health sometimes, relationships and life period, for you begin to hear more blurred sounds of confusion than ever. You notice how comfortable and clear your messages are when you are in the right local service that you have? You lean, lay, laugh, talk loud or soft and yet your message is received and understood clearly during your communication. We tend to go and travel to places in our life because we feel it’s what we like or want regardless of what is being conveyed to us through the various messages. There is no reason to depart at all from the Body of Christ period, for you have failed to remember that He has his own (CDMA and GSM Systems). I call them both the Terminators of the systems of communication. Christ Deliverance Made Available (CDMA) to “ALL” and having God’s System Master (GSM) your position and life. Give Him the control and service that He requires wants and needs from you at all times. He has not and will “NEVER” lose His power under “NO” circumstance.

To roam is to know or not know that you have entered into an area that is not warranted or recommended for you at the time. You feel the drop, the disconnection and the disappointments from the roaming, especially if it is where He does not want you to be. You don’t want to get there, you don’t want to stay connected, you don’t want to talk anymore and the likes. We continue to roam and later complain of the costly charges that we have encountered and the uncertainties we have obtained from it all. There is a place in God that we can get and see His salvation and the abundance that He has promised if we will just trust Him and hold on to the place that He has called or sent us to excel and grow, in-spite of the changes economically. We will experience just the opposite effect from the above mentioned disappointments if we are where He wants us or called us to be. You will be relaxed. You fit in, feel welcomed and the communication is easy with less static and many types of people around you (phone styles with other services), regardless of the size but the right local service and plan offered to you are finally received and accepted.


The Lord has “never” filed bankruptcy even though we may have, He has never had a foreclosure even though we may have, He has never lost one deal or case and He yet owns “ALL” the cattle on the hill and the earth along with heaven. We have failed to recognize the power that we possess on the inside of us, for we roam away from Him, when things do not come, when, where, or how we want them, nor whom we want it from. The Word of God yet stands true and it does not roam or wander from its promise, stance or truth. Stay with the family of God and do not let anything or anyone persuade you to leave at any cost. This is just a test and you have the right connections to pass it or better yet ace it. Use Him (Holy Spirit) at all cause. That’s your connection and you will “never” be dropped from the promises when you remain in place. He wants you to use Him, just as much as you use that cell. You will use that cell anytime, any place, anywhere, any day and anyhow to get what you want done and so must you have that same mindset when it comes to Him.

This is “NO” time for looking back and wondering what if, will I, can it be and the likes of a doubtful heart. He that know their God, shall be strong and do great exploits. To know is to trust. To not know is to distrust. There is “NO” better place to be right “NOW” in life but in the divine will of God and living according to His word in “total” obedience and submission to it. There are principles that we must keep and do regardless. Do not get caught up in the designs of the places (buildings/phones), the ring-tones (music/choirs), the size (people), email/internet (technology/equipment), but do check out the text (message), connection (service with power) and most of all the service provider (Holy Spirit) where you shall encounter the anointing to destroy all of the yolks, loose every bond and captivities that have held you captive. This too shall and will pass and He has not forgotten nor forsaken you.

     A revelation: Jesus was “rich/very wealthy” but did not have it in His possession. Can you imagine someone walking around all day with a million dollars in their purse or pockets? Correct! When He needed anything, the provision was made at the time needed, whether it was a place to stay, money for taxes or for food, He got it. The Word of God says that His yolk is “easy” and His burden is light. The way of a “transgressor” is hard and not the saints. It’s hard because we make it hard by not believing, obeying and trusting God and what His word says unto us “ALL”. There are “NO” gray areas with Him at all. Things may seem difficult but you are yet the “Over-comer” and the “Winner” that He declared you to be according to His word. Oh! Taste and see that the Lord He is good and ready to bless your socks off as some may say today. Relax, and rest in Him as you Pray, Praise and Persevere during these media provokingfear” times of life, while you stay provoked by the Word of God “ALWAYS” to a greater level of faith in Him and yourself, while “worshiping” Him in spirit and in truth.

Now that you are informed and know the truth, then lift up your head, all ye gates and be ye lifted up, pull your shoulders up and back, stick your chest out humbly but boldly as you go to the throne of grace with your petitions as instructed and make it known unto Him and not them as you march forward towards your purpose, success and destiny, while awaiting your promotion and abundance promised. Thou it tarries, it will, it shall, it “MUST” come unto you. You deserve it, for you have gotten this “REVELATION” of holding on until my change comes (long-suffering). Ouch! It is one of the fruits! (lol)



No matter what is going on around you or going on with you in life (within), you should “always” be able to shift gears for the betterment of the outcome that you are facing. You should not stay there-MOVE FORWARD!

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