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Denise Isaac shared:
"God’s Will Ignored"

With all of the hoopla about Christianity and God, there has to be a definite path for comprehending the magnitude of them both.  The word of God is factual and available to understanding the vast knowledge of God’s will.  Jesus understood them all too well as He avoided the temptation of encountering the subjects. Every book you read is because you chose to or needed to, having a desire to know and understand the contents. The same applies to the Bible, which is the Word of God. You grasp the message and believe in the author’s descriptions of his characters, the plots and the truth about what he or she is saying.

It amazes me how we tend to uphold and embrace some of the weirdest and no progressive work around, to find ourselves doubting the one who created us, and remains to be an award winning author. I thought on how the majority of people can quote or repeat books of authors who we seldom know or will ever get to know. You believe and obey fables, fairy tales and characters that are so off and you hardly know or understand God. He laid down His life giving proven “facts” of living for all.

I have become saddened and weary, trying to understand our purpose of reading the Bible, if we are not going to believe it, in its entirety. The present debate and uproar about same-sex marriages, being free from sin, everybody is doing something wrong and the likes of such debates, are one thing but when compared to what God requires, would make it all unrighteous and wrong.  We are to love people but when those people, whoever they may be, have made a decision to violate the principles ofGod, you continue to love them but hate the violation.  The perpetrator has made their decision to ignore God’s will, in order to satisfy their desires, longings and to appease the populists.

The scriptures are very adamant and plain about the above topics and there are no gray areas at all. We have sought ways to alter and tailor certain scriptures, as well as traditions, to accommodate the desires of people. My position on the topics, especially the sin issue would probably have one to believe that I am sardonic in thinking.  Well let me help you to get the picture I’m painting. If everyone is doing wrong even if one thing, what is the purpose of salvation; for even a  sinner may  be involved in just one thing? What separates the sinner from the saint? A confession of accepting Christ, could be done by anyone, including the vilest of individual and yet remain with the one fault. If there is an all powerful, nothing impossible and flawless spirit that you possess, how is it that it has no power to sustain you?

To me there are some things that are just black and white; and definitely with obvious common sense answers and solutions, like the same sex marriages. God created Adam and Eve, a man and a woman for marriage and procreation (Lev. 18:22, Matt. 19:1-8, Rom. 1:18-32), just to name a few scriptures. Same sex marriages with their partners cannot in any way procreate and their mode of intimacy is unnatural .  I am not homophobic but rather of homo sapiens, who desires to please and obey the will of God.  Many words, traditions, cultures, beliefs and society have changed drastically, to gain the applauds of men rather than God (Gal. 1:10), ignoring His will and desires. Yes controversial but the truth, that many have failed to adhere to.

I thought on those topics for many years, to later understand the position of most people who refuses to embrace Christianity. God is a spirit and He seek others to worship Him as such. He also needs a vessel of entrance, to manifest His power, glory and lifestyle in the earth. If you cannot or have not been able to represent God as He is, then why should others follow the hype?  So many name the name of Christ but willfully, knowingly, adamantly and blatantly  remains unchanged. The spirit of Christ transforms you, as you become a new creation in, through and by Him, without doubt (2 Cor. 5:17).

I personally knew, know and met people who told me from their “own” mouths that they knew they were wrong in their actions but it was a habit practiced for many years including “homosexuality.”  However wrong, two wrongs will never make one right. Let’s say homosexuals were being judged wrongfully; does it give them the right to retaliate and seek vengeance against the perpetrators, as someone losing their jobs? No! The God of all, has plainly stated that vengeance belongs to Him and you should not take matters in your own hands (Rom. 12:19). You often make excuses for your mishaps and errors to justify unlawful deeds and actions that you practice.


The soldiers were wrong in crucifying Christ but He accepted it, as well as the prior abuse, lies, rejections and the accusations thrown at Him. To be a Christian means being exactly like, acting like and talking like Christ (1 John 2:6, 1 Cor. 11:1, 1 Pet. 2;21). Whatever happened to; in order to reign with  Christ, that you “must” suffer some things in this life?” (2 Tim. 2:12). God’s will is ignored, when it is something that is against  your likings, understanding or teachings. It would be sad, to have a parent  willingly take a death sentence on a child’s behalf and die; later having that same child go and commit that exact crime. Christ’s death was for the same purpose; to prevent your death and for you  to stop committing sins; having His spirit dwelling in you, to assure it.

Now the closets have come wide open, with the previous hidden skeletons loosed, to no longer rattle within but exposed with no discretions, remorse or repentance, for any.  There is a remnant that has not bowed to the haters, sin, disgrace and the populist’s direction of corruptions, even in this life (Rom. 11:2-5). This remnant has been sustained by choice to obey and “not” ignore the God of all gods and the King of all kings’, commandments and will. The world “must” see and know that the death of Jesus Christ was not a fairy-tale, as some believes but an actual event that brought transformation and life eternal to us “all”. Scriptures have been proven through various individuals, including myself and events, which historians nor scientists are not able to understand, deny nor explain to this day.

There is a longing for many to find peace, joy, happiness and answers to their daunting questions, as well as solutions to their troubling problems and circumstances. There is a lot of confusion going on in our world but it is no excuse for you, to not obtain what you need in those areas, mentioned above. When Jesus said that it was finished on that cross, everything pertaining to your life and godliness was finished as well; and the scriptures should have been believed, embraced, accepted, received and definitely not ” ignored.”  Selah.




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