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Nikki Washington shared:
"Good n Grown: The Womanhood Thing"

 “I’m nervous. And I’m trembling. Waiting for you to walk in…tonight is the night…that you…make me a woman. You said you’d be gentle with me…and I…I hope you will” -Betty Wright, (Tonight Is The Night, 1975).

Soooo, where does this song fit into my writings you ask? It doesn’t. I’m just over here being “grown.” LOL! Ok, let me stop playing and get serious. And you cut out all those silly thoughts over there! Really, we have Jesus work to do, geeesh (smile). Ok, seriously. Let’s get it:


Being a woman can be tough sometimes. Between being undervalued in the workplace. Raising children, often alone. Dealing with haters and naysayers. And even having to dodge womanizers and manipulators; women, collectively have our work cut out for us. And then don’t have the nerve to be a real woman of God on top of ALL of that. Whew, it’s a climb to say the least. And quite honestly, it can be painful at times. Oh, but thank God for the joy that comes after the pain.

Jesus broke it down like this: “A woman, when she is in labor, has sorrow because her hour has come; but as soon as she has given birth to the child, she no longer remembers the anguish, for joy that a human being has been born into the world.” -John 16:21.

Although in this instance Jesus was speaking of His ascension and return, the principles of the story still apply. Now, that’s good news! Really, isn’t it good to know that our afflictions were but for a moment? Isn’t it good to know that the trial never came to kill us but to make us better? Isn’t it great to know that all that accumulated pain produced an anointing in us that is so powerful it’s changing everything we touch? Hallelujah!

Now, I know some of y’all are probably like, “Nikki but you don’t know what I had to go through.” And you’d be right. I don’t. Yet if you’re like me, I’m sure it was hellish to say the least. Really, anyone who’s called knows that the call may be great but the road to greatness can be torturous. And trust, even if you don’t think I get it, God does. He knows it’s been a hard labor. He saw you as you continued to extend open arms to those who responded with cold shoulders. He saw how you blessed those who cursed you. He was there when you applauded everyone else only to look around to an empty cheering section for your own life. Yet through it all, you never broke. You didn’t compromise. You never gave up! And so now for all of your faithfulness:

It’s YOUR time.

To all the Godly women, I salute you. Not only did you pass the test, but you don’t look like what you’ve been through. Really, have you looked at your sum lately? You’re a bad chick! And NOT because of how you look but because of what you HOUSE. You have the Holy Ghost. You’re anointed. You can flip a verse like no bodies business. And you’ve got more spiritual gifts than Lebron has rings, lol. Ok, bad analogy but you get my point.

You’re THAT chick.

That set apart one. That rare gift. Often imitated but never duplicated. By no means an easy win but still worth fighting for. You love God. You love people. And you live a life that proves it!

So sis, stay encouraged! Never let the labor pains of life break you. You’re better than that. Stop downplaying who you are to make others feel comfortable. You’re better than that. Don’t let anyone steal your swag, you’re better than that. So get up! Rise up! Be greater! You’ve allowed the copies of you to out produce you for far too long. Now it’s time for you, The Prototype, to snatch your spot back.

And yeah. We talk like this, ‘cause we can back it up (smile). Watch!

Luv y’all,


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