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Nikki Washington shared:
"Goodfellas: The Godly Man Edition"

Whenever I write, it’s almost always in relation to something that I have gone through or something that I am currently going through. In fact, I’m still amazed at how many responses I receive from people who feel as if what was written was directly to and for them. I suppose that’s what these writings are supposed to do. Speak directly to the heart of the reader. For that I’m truly grateful. But recently, I was asked why I tend to address my sisters more so than my brothers in my writings. And in pondering the question,  I thought what better time to address my brothers than now, right? Right (smile).

My Goodfellas.

To say that there are no “good men” is not only an insult, but a lie. Now, I can’t speak for everyone but I can soberly say that, at least from where I stand, I’ve been blessed to know a host of amazing men. Now, are they perfect? No. But, they’re God honoring nonetheless.

I see men whose heart desire is to do the will of God. Men who know how to walk upright and still live full, FUN lives. Men who love their wives, take care of their kids and submit to good leadership. Men who daily march out into the world and leave their hearts on the field in the hopes that something they contributed will make life better for their children’s children. Men who love God, love people, and aren’t ashamed to show it. Men like the Kingdom warriors reading these words.

Men like you.

So, to all the Godly men, we as the women of God, applaud you.

Thank you for pouring without taking. Thank you for every word of kindness and genuine concern. Thank you for every correcting word. Thank you for making the art of submission easy. Thank you for never being so intimidated by the perception of us that you failed to see the heart of us. Thank you for being our leaders, mentors, spouses, brothers, and loved ones. And lastly, although we surely don’t say it enough, know that we value you. And, we see your efforts. So keep going. Press towards the mark. We’ve got your back.

So, that’s it. Brothers, we’re praying for you. And we know you’re going to make it. Just keep the Faith. Stay encouraged. And take some time to actually LISTEN to the women God places in your life, lol. You never know…she might just actually be a blessing to you (smile). Really, just ask Esther…Selah.

Luv ya,

Nikki Washington


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