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Timothy Bond shared:
"Optimism: Your Vehicle to Success: Alphabets of Achievement pt. 6"

How do you feel about your goals? If you’re like me you’ve probably battled the ups and downs. Some days you’re on the mountain-top and sometimes the valley low. This week’s Alphabets of Achievement are the letters O,P,Q. Optimistically,Progress, Quickly. In deed you can’t have one without the other. There must be an optimistic attitude to achieve progress, and progress is a conduit for optimism.

The challenges of optimism are many. Doubts, fears, life’s realities, set backs and disapointments all vie for space in your spirit. Thus it is important to understand that optimism is not a state of being, but instead an action. Optimism is a precious commodity that you must protect. Don’t let anyone take your optimism. It is critical to your progress.

Here are three ways to retain your optimism:

1. Stay focused on your goals. The only way to stear clear of the negative is to look only at the positive. Negative and positive can never occupy the same space. Stop thinking about the “what ifs” and possible problems ahead. Only focus on the positive results you wish to see. Henry Ford is quoted as saying that there is nothing he wanted in life that he could not get easily.
Ford said that whenever he had a need, he focused his attention on the “can do”. There is always something that “CAN” be done about any situation. And you will find that what you thought was a dead end, was nothing more than a bend that leads further on.

2. Encourage Others. Helping someone else is the surest way to get what you need. Sometimes being so close to your problems prevents your from seeing the plain and simple answers. Take some time to focus on the needs of others and I guarantee you that you will begin to see how truly blessed you are.

3. Lastly you need to make progress quickly. You have to make some progressive steps toward the attainment of your goals and do it as quickly as you accurately can. Don’t confuse this with rushing, but you are to move as quickly as you can toward the attainment of your goal. DON’T PROCRASTINATE! Your window of opportunity may be passing as we speak. If there is something you know you need to do, get on it. The quicker you see successful efforts the more optimistic you will be about your goals.

Maintain your optimism by progressing quickly.

Inspire, Empower, Produce!

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Timothy Bond is the author of two books Fall In Love with the Struggle: Making the Best of Life's Worst, and Charge the Walls. He is also the CEO of True Vine Publishing Company, a full service publishing company committed to helping self-published authors produce quality books at the most affordable and profitable means. You can buy Timothy's ebook @ and learn more about True Vine Publishing Company at
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