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Nikki Washington shared:
"Risky Business"
Growing up, some women were what we’d call “Daddy’s girls.” For me, growing up I was what I affectionately refer to as my uncle’s shadow (smile). Ride or die, wherever he went I wanted to go. If he was playing ball outside, I wanted to play. If he was cracking jokes with his friends, I was taking notes.  If he was swimming in the pool, I wanted him to teach me how to swim.
I still remember the day I learned how to swim.
I was 5 yrs-old. It was a warmer than usual California day. My family and I were all around the pool. I was wearing a yellow one-piece swimsuit with a “Care Bears” theme on the front along with some HIGHLY fashionable matching arm floaties (smile). And over and over again, my uncle stood in the middle of the deep-end of the pool and yelled, “Jump!!” And right on cue, without hesitation I’d jump. All afternoon. He’d call for me and I’d come running. The faith of a child is so amazing when you think about it. Never once did I think the floatations on my arms would deflate. Never once did I think my uncle would fail to catch me, and never once did it ever occur to my 5-yr-old mind that I would drown. Not once.
And although many years have passed since I first learned to swim, I feel like that’s where I am right now… Launching out into the deep. As I grow older, I’m in expectancy of so many great things. Now, I would love to say that it’s all just a cake walk, but no. Anyone who has ever walked in expectancy knows that along with it, you have to exhibit great faith. And if I’m transparent, great faith doesn’t always feel the best. Really, it can be scary. Uncomfortable. Vulnerable. And even SEEMINGLY risky.
Everyone wants the reward but few are willing to really “risk” to get it. Think about it, how many things do you want to pursue but won’t because of apprehension? Are you working that job because it’s what you love to do or is it because it provides you with a sense of security? Are you involved in that relationship because you really love them or are just afraid to be alone? Are you deferring that business venture because God said so or are you intimidated by the current economic climate? Hmmm…just a little food for thought.  
My prayer is that you begin to look at risk differently. That you begin to really understand that in God there is NO failure. And that ultimately, you find yourself taking off whatever floatation device that has been your crutch and truly jumping out into the deep.
See, in my life I’ve decided that I’m no longer “playing it safe.” I figure if at 5-yrs-old if I could allow my uncle to talk me into eventually jumping into the pool by myself and without my floaties on, surely I can trust this big Powerful God who has the blueprint for my destiny! And I can’t speak for anyone else, but I refuse to be a prisoner to a life full of “what if’s…”  And you shouldn’t either!
Plus, you know in your heart that you were never made for average. That’s why you toil with the bigness of what God has placed in you to do. That’s why you’re not satisfied with where you are. That’s why people who are not driven and settle for average work your nerves. It’s because unlike some, you know better! You know greatness is on the inside of you. You know deep down that God is just waiting on you to stop fighting and agree with Him. Think about it, how can you and God walk together unless you agree to His plan for your life? Selah.
So, take the floaties off.
They’re not what’s sustaining you anyway. He is…
Nikki Washington, Professional Scuba Diver (smile)
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