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Lynn McCleveland shared:

 27 Early in the morning, all the chief priests and the elders of the people made their plans how to have Jesus executed. So they bound him, led him away and handed him over to Pilate the governor.

When Judas, who had betrayed him, saw that Jesus was condemned, he was seized with remorse and returned the thirty pieces of silver to the chief priests and the elders. “I have sinned,” he said, “for I have betrayed innocent blood.”

“What is that to us?” they replied. “That’s your responsibility.”

So Judas threw the money into the temple and left. Then he went away and hanged himself.

Notice that Judas was “seized” with remorse when he realized that he had sinned. The sad part about his sin was that he tried to make it right by returning the money and when that didn’t work he took his life into his own hands. Judas is like a lot of our enemies, a victim. I know that many people don’t believe that but he was. Judas was used and by the time the devil was done with him, he was left with his own conscious to contend with.

We must as believer’s never take for granted that anyone can fall victim to the enemies plans because we all have. So remember to pray for your enemies as the word tells us to do because just like Judas there will be a conscious moment of realization of wrong doing, but what will we be guilty of if that person takes their very life into their own hand? Pray Saints, just like Jesus betrayal was working for his good, so is your situation. The “enemy, (a friend or relative)” was set up, so forgive and pray for them and remember that by the grace of God it could have been you.

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