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Nikki Washington shared:
"Sex Ed: The Marriage Bed Edition"

People lie for it. Cheat for it. Some even risk getting a disease and dying for it. It’s been known to make a grown man cry and a young girl’s knees to grow weak. So, what am I talking about?…


For a few minutes of pleasure some will go to great lengths to satisfy horniness. And yes, I know it sounds coarse but isn’t that what it boils down to? Lust? Think about it…

Whether we acknowledge it or not, the fact remains many singles IN the church are doing “it.”

And it’s sad that the misappropriation of sex has caused there to be such a negative stigma surrounding such a beautiful act. Really, have you actually thought about what God’s original design for sex is?  Aside from procreation, sex is a time of worship and discovery between a HUSBAND and a WIFE.  But, here’s the thing, in order for us to ever get to the TRUE intent of sex, we first have to stop doing it the wrong way…

Now I know with that last sentence some of y’all just got off the bus, lol. And I’m sure some are thinking, “Whatever Nik! Don’t talk to me about what you’ve never had!” And I know. I get it.  But real talk, I’m a virgin not a eunuch, lol. Hello!

And I get where you’re coming from. So, maybe you haven’t made the best choices. Maybe sex is an area you struggle in. Maybe it seems it’s too late to change but did you know as long as God grants you another day, it’s never too late to start again? Did you know restoration could take place the moment you make a decision to stop sexing? Did you know where you fall short; God will empower you to stand?  And did you know when you choose to reserve sex for covenant; the sex you had in the world can’t hold a candle to the intimacy the undefiled marriage bed offers?

Think about it, most assume experience is the best teacher, but I’m inclined to believe the GOD of the experience is the best Teacher. Really, who else but our Creator is best qualified to teach us how to express intimacy?  And some can front if they want, but when I marry I’m not just becoming a student. No, I’m studying for my doctorate! LOL. Someone tap your neighbor and shout “Final Exam!” LOL. Whew, I promise I am too funny to ME!  But I digress…

I just want to encourage you to save yourself for marriage. Don’t cheat your future spouse of what rightfully belongs to them. Make a declaration to God and a vow to yourself that true love does wait and so will you. And then watch as God blesses you with double for your trouble. [Insert happy dance here]

Keep the faith family!

It’s worth it.


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