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Nikki Washington shared:
"Social Networking: The Rules of Engagement"

Whether we call it a “side throw-off,” a veiled reference, indirect OR even direct communication, one thing is certain; People say things online they would almost NEVER say in “real life.” For whatever reason, SOME treat social networking as if it’s a fictional world that requires no accountability of words. And it’s been my experience through trial, error and observation that some aren’t even aware of how their words translate to others…..

It is with that in mind I share just a few things I’ve learned over time about the art of social networking. And no, I’m not an expert. No, I’m not versed in all of the psychology on human behavior. No, I’m just someone desiring to be of help. My prayer is that the words shared here would help serve you as they have served me. ….

The Social Network: ….

Watch your words….

If you wouldn’t say it into a microphone in front of a crowd of people, you probably shouldn’t put it in a tweet or status update. If you don’t condone gossip in your everyday life, you probably shouldn’t spread it in a tweet or status update. And if you don’t want people meddling in your personal life, say it with me: “YOU PROBABLY SHOULDN’T PUT IT IN A TWEET OR STATUS UPDATE!!!” My point is this, be you. Be transparent. Be authentic to YOUR call, but don’t mistake “keeping it real” with dysentery of the mouth. Doing so may cause you to share words in the “heat of the moment” that you may later regret or didn’t really mean. In short, think twice –update once…..

Dyslexic Reading -SOME, not all, tend to make everything about them. This can become a dangerous and narcissistic reading habit. Doing so may cause one to misread, mistranslate and even take offense to things that were never said directly to them. And unless you really know a person, their personality and their heart, words on paper can often be lost in translation and the spirit in which they were shared misconstrued. In short, if you can’t discern a tone of voice, don’t assume. Also, if a statement wasn’t said directly TO you, don’t assume it applies TO you. If the shoe doesn’t fit, why put it on? Now, after all of your assessing, if you still feel a statement was directed at you, don’t assume –ASK! In doing so, you may just find what you perceived is not actually what was.

Virtually living vs. Living virtually – Facebook and Twitter are tools. And the issue comes in when we make the tool the primary thing and our lives secondary. I have been guilty of this in times past but over time I’ve come to learn how to make the main thing the main thing. Don’t become so consumed with chronicling every moment of your life that you’re not present and actually IN the moments of your life. Rather, every now and then take a step back from the phone. Turn the computer off and just be. In doing so, you may just find that the quality of you life improves and also your friends and family will appreciate the fact that you no longer have a phone glued to your hand.

So, that’s all

There are so many elements to social networking that we can’t go over all of them here. Just be mindful. Be light-hearted. Show Christ’s love. ….



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