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Nikki Washington shared:


     This past year was rough for a lot of us. From people losing their homes to their spouses to their jobs, I’ve seen it all. Even in my own life, I found myself asking God, “Lord, how much more can I take???” Don’t get me wrong, God and I had some huge victories this year but to act as if it felt ALL good ALL the time would be a lie. No, truth is at times this past year seemed almost unbearable. It’s interesting in retrospect. When you love someone and make a life-long commitment to them, it doesn’t really matter what they do. Because you love them, come what may, you stay. Why? Well, because you’re committed to the covenant. And it was in that moment of thinking about the covenant I had made with God so many years ago that it hit me:

    I’m in love with a Stripper.

    And yeah, I know some of y’all call Him Jehovah Jireh, but I call Him God my Stripper, lol. And for all the overly saved folks, feel free to call Him the, “Ever Unveiling One” if it makes you feel better. 🙂 Ok, I’m half joking but my point is sincere nonetheless. See, last year I watched as God stripped me of everything that was not His Will for my life. Whether it was people, occupations, or business partnerships, that was the year God took off everything not meant to be. But through it all, the biggest stripping was the internal work He did inside of me.


    People see the surface and make assumptions. And the nature of some is to try to box us in to make themselves feel comfortable with who we are. But this year more than ever I learned what it means to walk in whom God has fashioned me to be void of any outside influences. I learned how to shift with God. I learned the difference between God assignments and busy work. I learned how to love people without supporting sin. But most of all I learned how to embrace the woman I am called to be. And in doing so I began to understand why God’s stripping of me was so necessary.  See, He needed to rid me of those things in order to uncover His Will for my life and bring me into all that is new.

    I believe that’s what He’s doing in some of you too.

    And yeah, I know the feeling sucks. I know it may even hurt sometimes, but trust. You’re going to be amazed when you finally see the plan He has for you unfold. And then all of those years of struggle and turmoil will make sense. You will see why you had to lose the house, that you might gain a home. You’ll understand why you had to wait to love instead of rushing through the process. And you’ll see why you had to get laid off from that job, that you might manifest your life’s TRUE assignment. Watch! This is the season where it all comes together and God shows us why the end of a thing is better than the beginning. 🙂

    So, that’s all. I want you to be encouraged. The year ended, but it’s really just begun for you. God is about to use those areas of your life that caused you the most contention to bring Him the most glory. So smile. Hold your head up! God is moving.

    Flow with Him.

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