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Scott Rodriguez shared:

(Mark 8:22-26)

One thing that’s intrigues me to this day is how Jesus never handles people the same way twice. Whenever that matter came up, this passage would always seem to come to mind first…perhaps because I resemble it a bit too much.

1) For starters, Jesus came to me first, long before I became desperate enough to reach out to Him. Maybe some of us sought God first. That’s not my testimony. He wasn’t mt first choice. He was my last. But beforehand I was apparently on His mind for Him to come looking for me…

2) I’m not sure this blind man consented to being brought to Jesus by the people…then again I’d probably be a good cop, lawyer, or shrink, after all of them I’ve seen in my lifetime with all that unsolicited “help” from them…

3) Jesus not only goes out of His way, but took me out of “my” way. That alone would’ve been easy…since I didn’t really have one to begin with. But with me, one of His regular gestures is taking me away from crowds, away from misunderstanding people and/or tainted perspectives…

4) He may as well spat on my eyes, because He sure knows how to deal with me in ways I would’ve never expected. That hinges on a reoccurring subject I’ll have to elaborate on later, but not today, called “the foolishness of God.”

5) I don’t know who started this, but I got a tip years ago that bears repeating.

“God doesn’t answer my questions until He first question my answers.”

That was a “slow burn,” but at an opportune time, when He sought me once again, this principle really came alive for me, and I began to really outgrow the fear of the unknown.

6) Here’s a real trap I can only mention by necessity…because few are talking about it…”judicial progression.” Although there’s forgiveness, healing, restoration and safety, there are also “consequences” for  spiritually based activities rooted in covetousness. That’s a significant reason why my vision wasn’t totally restored right away when Jesus finally did get a hold of me. But one thing’s for sure. He touched me, and my life hasn’t been the same. I just had to work through that change with what I was given at first…..

7) Yes. I know. He’s been that good. That kind of goodness is almost impossible to keep to oneself. However, there’s at least one reason why some are commanded to hold their peace.

In the same way my vision wasn’t restored, my life was still in shambles at the first. “Born again” is slang for “learning how to live all over again.” At that time there’s little to no way my testimony would line up with what I was showing. I was still unemployable, and a bit scary looking. I was basically acting like Peter and Andrew when I should’ve been sitting at His feet, like Martha’s sister, Mary.

One other thing I find intriguing about Jesus’ ministry is how quickly this passage reads. In fact, it reads like the town He came from, and the Gospel account this story is in, “Don’t blink or you’ll miss Him.” That being the case, it’s literally fascinating to watch Jesus work once we know where to look for Him…

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Presently, I provide a living as an over-the-road truck driver, redeeming the time as a devotional time with the Lord, by listening to His Word and tracking down His major themes... the main mission to which I've been "driven..." "The whole Word to the whole world. No stone unturned." (Acts 4:13 KJV) I find that , in this life, this right here is as good as it gets for me. That people would someday encounter their Savior because some unlearned man took the time to introduce them.
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