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Christian Hip Hop Trendsetter Mr. Del Delivers Final Career Albums:
Hip Hop Artist, Author and Pastor Del Lawrence Reflects On Epic 20 Year Career and Passes The Baton To Next Generation Of Artists
Memphis, TN —  Mr. Del is saying goodbye as a Gospel and Christian Hip Hop music recording artist.  After a 20-year career of breaking down barriers in music and ministry, performing in small churches, megachurches, clubs, and arenas, and recording Grammy® and Dove Award-nominated and Billboard chart-topping albums, the CHH innovator is bidding a bittersweet farewell.   
Mr. Del (Del Lawrence) began his career as a rap artist in the late 1990s with hardcore mainstream rap group Three 6 Maffia.  In 2000, Mr. Del gave his life to Christ and began a journey of evangelizing young audiences through his signature southern and hard-hitting style of rap delivery.  The eager and young Memphis, TN native evolved into a music mogul as the founder of Dedicated Music Group record label, pastor of City of Refuge Church, and author and motivator to people of all ages.  
“I was 21 years old when I started this evolution into manhood,” Mr. Del explains.  “I look at it as schooling.  Being with Three 6 Maffia was like high school.  Being a CHH artist was like college.  I’ve completed the studies and the work and now I’m entering into another phase of my ministry and business.”
His career evolved dynamically in sound and in thought-provoking, biblically-based content. His discography is highlighted with his first album 2nd COMING in 2000, his 2010 Dove Award-nominated album THRILLA, and his soulful 2016 album LOVE NOIZE.  With hits “U Can Do It 2”, “Funky”, “Oh My God” and “When Men Worship”, Mr. Del has left an imprint on Rap and Christian Hip Hop music that no one can replicate.  
“Over the years my music became more refined and evolved with the changing sound of the music industry,” says Mr. Del.  “Being able to adapt as music evolved has kept me relevant.  I don’t know any CHH artist that is still doing this and being relevant after 20-years like me.  I keep my ear to the street and understand the sound that young people prefer.  Hip Hop it’s a young person’s music.  You have to keep evolving sonically.”
He continues, “I’ve also been able to walk the fine line between the world and the church and give people the sonic sound of the world, but give them the true and living message of the Gospel.”
He offers this without fail in his is farewell album MD 2020 which is actually two albums that chronicle his career.  The early years of his music career were met with rejection from the church and for rap artists, Gospel music media and record label opportunities were scarce.  Mr. Del remained focused on making compelling music, breaking barriers for his generation, and paving a better road for rap artists today.  MD 2020 reflects 20 years of his innovation and his resilience.
This anthology showcases Mr. Del’s two distinct sounds and styles.  The MD 2020 SOUTHSIDE album is his hard-edged rap album and his Hip Hop soulful side is evident on the MD 2020 SOULSIDE album.
MD 2020 SOUTHSIDE and MD 2020 SOULSIDE are epic audio documentaries that are available now on all digital music outlets.  Featured guest appearances include Mr. Del’s longtime friend and colleague Canton Jones, 1K Phew, Adajyo, FRO, and his protegees Murk and D. McGhee.  
Mr. Del also released official music video singles from each album: “Changed” featuring Canton Jones from the MD 2020 SOUTHSIDE album and “Curses” featuring singer D. McGhee from MD 2020 SOULSIDE.  Both videos are available on YouTube.
The release of the MD 2020 albums mark the end of an era as Mr. Del passes the baton to the next generation of Christian Hip Hop and Gospel rap artists.  He isn’t disappearing from music but is choosing to continue the next phase of his career by mentoring and inspiring people professionally and personally based on his incredible life of heartache, failures, victories, and triumphs.
“My life has been about creating a ministry that could take people from their childhood through to their adulthood and so many people have grown with me through the years,” Mr. Del says.  “We have a motto at my church City of Refuge – ‘We’ve Got You Covered’.  I’m still covering you through my preaching and my books (Soulties) but I’m passing the baton in music.  I am blessed to be leaving a legacy in rap music.  I DID IT! and there will never be another.”
“Changed” | Mr. Del featuring Canton Jones | Official Music Video
MD 2020 Southside Tracklist:
1. 2020 Intro
2. Everynite ft. 1K Phew
3. Changed ft. Canton Jones
4. Do It
5. Yea Yeah ft Murk
6. Flexin’ ft FRO
7. U Can’t Kill Me ft Flamaholics & J Alaniz
8. B.I.H. ft Bishop Kevin Foreman
9. Who Knows ft Britne’ Klair
10. Well Done
MD 2020 Soulside Tracklist:
1. No Intro 
2. Double ft. James Robinson
3. Make It ft. Adajyo
4. 4U ft Britne’ Klair
5. One Word ft Canton Jones & Ramona Estell
6. Wherever You Are ft Doll McCoy
7. Curses ft D. McGhee
8. Fix It
9. Your Voice ft. Coca Marie
10. Bless You
“Curses” | Mr. Del featuring D. McGhee | Official Music Video
Mr Del’s 20-Year Career Discography
Solo Albums:
Enter The Light – 2000 (Dedicated Music Group)
Da Takover – 2003 (Holy South)
Church Age – 2003 (40 West Records) 
The Future – 2005  (EMI Gospel/Holy South) *Peaked at #15 Billboard Gospel Albums Chart* 
Crunk Soul: A Nu Soul Project – 2006 (Nusoul Records) 
Hope Dealer – 2007 (Holy Hip Hop)
Thrilla – 2009 (Dedicated Music Group) *2010 Dove Award Nomination Rap/Hip Hop Album of The Year*
TennMan – 2010 (Dedicated Music Group)
Faith Walka – 2013 (Dedicated Music Group)
Hope Dealer 2 – 2014 (Dedicated Music Group)
Love Noize – 2016 (Dedicated Music Group) *2016 Gospel Blue Mic Award Hip Hop Artist of The Year*
Black – 2018 (Dedicated Music Group)
MD 20/20 – 2020 (Dedicated Music Group)

Collaborative Albums: 
Holy South: World Wide  – 2004 (Central South/Tachycardia)
Holy Hip Hop: Taking Gospel to the Streets – 2004 (EMI Gospel) *2005 Grammy Nomination Best Rock Gospel Album*  
Holy South: Kingdom Crunk – 2006 (Holy South)
Holy South: Supremacy – 2008 (Holy South)
Gumbo Red – 2008 (Holy South) 
Trouble Makers – 2017 (Dedicated Music Group)
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About Del Lawrence:  Hip Hop Artist, Author, Pastor and Music Mogul Del Lawrence, aka “Mr. Del” has established himself as the ‘Hope Dealer’ and an innovator in the Christian/Gospel Rap genre.  He is the pastor of the thriving City of Refuge Church in Memphis and as an artist has garnered Dove, Grammy and Stellar Award nominations. He started his own label, Dedicated Music Group (DMG), that has released music over the past 10 years from Mr. Del himself, Mali Music, Murk, D. McGhee, Fro, and has orchestrated dynamic collaborations with Canton Jones, Pettidee, Uncle Reece, Kirk Whalum, Salt (of Salt-N-Pepa), Gangsta Boo, Hee-Sun Lee, Gospel Gangstaz and more.  In addition to his acclaimed albums and impressive music career span, Mr. Del is also the author of a podcast and book series called SOUL TIES which includes: Soul Ties: How To Detox From Toxic Relationships and Soul Ties 2: Love, Lust, & Lies. His candid, soul searching series and Soul Ties Seminars have been revolutionizing relationships and changing lives all over the country. 
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